Tuesday, January 1, 2008

249.2 that's my starting number for 2008.

So my official WI this morning has me *barely* under 250. But I'll take it last year this time I was hovering around 265. Heck it's better *only* losing 15lbs in a year than gaining even 5lbs!! I am back on tracking and counting points. I really do love WW as it is a very simple program to follow, it works and you can eat what you want, with in reason. I am determined to do it this year. Right now I really want to see the 230's as I was getting so close in the fall but then relapsed a bit, but really I only gained 4-7lbs depending on WI. So back on the wagon, I am assuming with a whole bunch of other people. but what ever. I'm ready right now to do it so why not.

So far today

oatmeal and apple 3 pts
quesadia (sp?) 14 pts (i'll have to lay off the cheese!)
apple 1 pt

For diner, which I haven't eaten yet, I'm doing left over ham, scalloped potatoes (semi-friendly) and peas. I do have chocolate in the house..so hopefully I'll hold out on my first day...I also have a pomegranate so maybe that will satisfy my 'after the girls go to bed, and flop on the couch' munchy time.

Hope everyone had a great start to 2008.

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