Saturday, January 26, 2008

~~**.~""Happy Dance, Happy Dance""~.**~~

So I am in the THIRTY'S!!!! I am quite excited! I was 239.0 this morning. So that brings me also to another milestone, I am down a total of 25.8 pounds (hitting the 25 mark). I am also only .8 away from having lost 10% of my body weight. Which when I started I thought would be a feat, and well it has and realistically it's taken me 8 months to do it (which is *only* 3.25 pounds a month) but I know this year things will go faster. Heck I've lost 10.2 pounds since Jan 1st!! Now I am quite excited, as I said in an earlier post I *only* have 19 more pounds to go to get to my lowest previous WW weight, which I was starting to feel quite good at, and people defiantly noticed (220) and then from there only 20 to get under 200 and be the weight hubby met me at, 198/199ish.And then from there it's only 20-25 to get to goal, 175-180 ish. Though we'll have to see how goal is, I remember feeling good at that weight, but I've notices other tallies (I'm 5'11) ie Becky, who are going in to the 60''s/50's so maybe I could get that low too...but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. I would love to get to 164.8 because then I would have lost 100 pounds. Right now I am officially 1/4 of the way there!

On to other stuff..hubby is finally getting home today, he's been away since Tuesday, so I've been home with the 2 toddlers, which has gone better than I thought, but I still can't wait for him to get home. Though I did have a really awful dream last night. I dreamt that he wanted to divorce me!! Just out of the blue, wouldn't really give me a reason why, just wanted me out of the house and I was just SO sad, and in disbelief. I trust my husband more than I trust any other human on this earth and know that we'll always be together, heck he married me for time and all eternity so I KNOW he plans on being around. Now that I am typing this, I am remembering that I watched Oprah yesterday and it was on divorce adult children, and the one mom was still chocked at her hubby leaving her with 3 young girls and she had to go back to work and was quite bitter, I and I remember thinking, ya I'd be bitter too, so I'm guessing that's where it all came from. Whewwwww that makes me feel better!

Ok off to check out the blogs....Happy Saturday all.


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!! That is just awesome! Weight loss is such a rollercoaster, but you've managed to hang in there!

By the way... You just said "time and all eternity"... could it be that we have even more in common? That would just be weird. You're not MORMON are you?

Steph said...

WOW - congrats on the loss!! You are doing great - now I just need to follow your lead!!

Keep up the hard work and you will be at goal before you know it!