Saturday, January 19, 2008


I didn't mean for it to get so many days before I posted, I was trying to post daily...but then life got in the way a bit. Mostly I think because it was dh days off, so we were busy, not sure doing what, oh and then I have to share the computer too, so that didn't help. Also I've been a bit frustrated with my numbers to haven't been anxious to post about them.

But I've come to a few realizations. I have PMS. and it's defiantly worse than it ever was in my 20's. I might even step out there and say I am starting the perimenopause thing, I have a handful of the 'signs' and it would help explain things this past year. I am realizing that my hormones reek havoc on my system the last 2 weeks of my cycle, progressively getting worse till AF finally arrives. So much so it's affecting my life, and just this past week I started going to see a counselor. She's the one that suggested it might be hormonal, though granted as she said I do have significant environmental things going on as well. I was so apprehensive going to someone, it was my first time and to be frank, I don't' want the stigma that goes along with it. She suggested visiting a local health food store, which I did and have gotten some Estrosence and Evening Primrose Oil, which they recommended. Hopefully they help balancing out this rage that happens with in. Yesterday I was hit with the heavy sore boobs and I want to stay in bed all day and eat chocolate part. I even had a bagel at 8:30pm last night. I was just craving carbs. But I was fine the first week to 10 days when I started, could care less about chocolate/carbs. Anyways...enough on this note....

I had my second personal training session on Friday (first on Tues, not sure if I posted about it, mmm don't think so). It went pretty good, though I found we have to be really cautious of my back (2 herniated disks) some exercises I could feel my back 'tweeking'. which is unfortunate, as it felt so good to pump weights. She also wants me to lay off the running while we are introducing weight training to my body. I'm kinda sad about this, but I have to realize, I'm not as young as I think I am, my body is 70lbs over weight, I do have 2 herniated disks that I DO NOT want to will all just take time. So I am proud to say that this week I went to the gym I think everyday but 1! But next week will be a challenging as I have a friend coming in to town Mon/tues/wed.

Ok off to read to dd...

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