Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Results Week 1

So today marks the end of week 1, results as follows:

Starting weight 249.2 pounds
Ending weight 243.2 pounds
TOTAL LOST 6 pounds

# of days AP's earned-4 days
Total AP's earned- 23 pts

# of Flex points used- 11 pts

# of Days chocolate was consumed- 3 days

So that is my summary. On a different note, you'll see I posted my lovely before pictures before. I only did that as I am pretty there are under 5 people who read this blog :). and really who cares. I was kinda surprised I was not a 'bumpy' as I thought I'd be. I wish I had a good official start pic (at 264.8 lbs). I think I have one from Cuba last year.... anyways I am getting sidetracked from the story I am wanting to tell you.

So I took dh pics last night too, he is starting isagenix today, and then he took my pics, of course I was not in my swim suite all day, so I did a quick strip in the basement and he took my pics, he then stays "ohhh this is turning me on". LOL!! taking pics of your {fat} wife who does NOT look hot in a swim suit. Then he was trying to talk me in to a quickly in the spare room "it's our last chance to do it as fat people". Ha ha ha ha. So it feels nice that he's still very much attracted to me. I was cracking up all night about it. (no we didn't do it in the spare room, we did when we went to bed :0 )


Swizzlepop said...

Great job on the loss, you are back in full force! :)
Your hubby is too funnny. GOod luck to you both!

Colette said...

I tried looking at your " before pics" but I kept getting an error!
Has anyone else seen them? I wonder if there is a glitch in the system or if it's just me!
i agree with Swizz...your hubby sounds like a riot! LOL

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Sounds like he's a keeper! Congratulations on an AMAZING weight loss!!!! Way to go!