Friday, January 11, 2008

Yummy smoothie

So I bought my husband a mini blender thingy for his shakes, and I thought I'd try it out today, and I LOVE IT!!! I'm on my second smoothie of the day! I'll have to buy me one now as he plans to take his to work. It's a hamilton beach single serve blender and it makes a good smoothie. Today I just made a simple frozen fruit, sweetener (spenda or honey), and water, so low low points (if any). I also thew in a handful of whole cranberry's, because they are so good for you and it's amazing! I just used the frozen berry mix (raspberry's, blueberry's, blackberry's etc). And for your viewing pleasure, a picture of me enjoying my Friday night smoothie, fresh out of the shower, hence my 'hat' and 'fresh' face.

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