Friday, January 4, 2008

she keeps inching her way down

that's the scale, this morning I was 247.2 yaaaaa
Also, drum roll please.....

I worked out AGAIN! I did 30min on the treadmill and I guess I did between 8 and 10 one minute runs!!! Then I went on the bike for 20min with again a bunch of 30 sec to 1min sprints. I loved it! I was all sweaty and everything. Yum!

So a question for those that track w/ WW and track your Activity points...on the slider there is a big gap between "moderate activity" and "high intensity" I've always done moderate activity. but the past 2 days I am SWEATING my ARSE off, high heart rate and defiantly working...would I just jump up to 'high intensity' or do I have to guess-timate somewhere in the middle? What do you guys do? (or would you do?)

moderate said I earned 4 AP
High saids I earned 10 AP
that is a huge difference! I accounted for 5AP's ...which really is allot to earn...

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Swizzlepop said...

This is what WW online says...

Low: You can talk or sing; your breathing is regular and you are not sweating.

Moderate: You can talk, but you can't sing. You breathe often and deeply and begin sweating after 10 minutes.

High: You can talk briefly, but you can't sing. You breathe rapidly and deeply and begin sweating after 3 - 5 minutes.

I'd count it as high.