Thursday, January 10, 2008

I don't understand

I don't understand...I really don't. I am 246.6 this morning. That is a 3.2 pound gain since Tuesdays WI. I have totally been OP, the only 'bad' thing I ate was a WW choc. cake tues. night...This was my menu from yesterday

BF~Cereal + milk 4pts
L~ WW meal 6pts
L~ veggies + dip 2pts
S~ Chocl. milk 4pts
D~ 3 homemade chicken
wraps w/ lettuce and
cheese + Veggies and
cheese sauce 15pts
daily pt goal 28, total AP's earned 6 (only 3 used)

Any thoughts? I don't feel like i've gained weight, I drank a ton of water yesterday had a really good work out (i'm just on the treadmill and bike so I doubt I am putting on muscle.)

It's frustrating when you are doing things by the book and things don't make sense. Last week was spectacular, but now I don't know what is going on! I am not due for AF for a good 10days...hmmph.


Candace said...

Overall it looks good to me, and if you've been drinking water, it could be, ahem, food retention. How goes that - not that you need to post it.

The only suggestion I would make involves tweaking. I would eat more points earlier in the day so your body can use them to fuel your day instead of at night when you're sleeping on them. Also, if you're carb-sensitive that many wraps at night may have had an impact. Try focusing your carbs in the first half of the day - up to and including afternoon snack. For supper try just meat and veggies for a while to see if that helps.

Good luck - I love your blog, BTW

Roni said...

no doubt the WW meal is the culprit. So full of salt!! I'm not kidding, I can gain 5 lbs of water after one of those.

Drink tons of water and try to stay away from any processed foods and that water weight will be gone tomorrow.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Hey- It happens to all of us... Your totally on plan... working out and such... and you show a GAIN on the scale... Don't believe the scale, he is a notorious liar sometimes. It could be ANYTHING- your muscles could be retaining water from your work outs, or it could be the salt thing. Either way, stay on track and you will see the great results within a few days I'm sure!