Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Here, but just in spirit


Still around, but haven't found the wagon. I did get on the scale the other night, it was scary but not What the Hell am I doing scary (well OK almost) It was 229.8 .... in the before AF. So now I'm in the middle of AF, who in their right mind starts a *diet* during AF I ask? ... so when she is gone... I will try really really hard to get back on track...(can you tell I am not so sure yet?)

On to funner things.. I bought another dress for my cruise.. and it' makes my boobs look amazing...if I wear it as a strappy little sundress.. but I'd be to self conscious... so I'll pair it with a cute little t I got for .94 cents! Oh and I ordered a couple little *ditties* (as my GF's and I use to call them) for 'desert' wink wink if you know what I mean... ha ha. Better than the moo-moo I was thinking of bringing to laze around our cabin in.

ok. chow for now.

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Michelle said...

Hey, it's better to start again than to stay stopped, right? We all know that number can just creep up and up so good for you for intervening now. And you'll have to post some cruise pics!!