Sunday, March 2, 2008

Does it do it to you too?

..the scale, does it not want to give you a constant #? Am I the only one who is on and off; searching for a constant #? Today I had everything from 230.8 to 232.2 ... weird. I keep weighing until I get the same # 2 or 3 times. Today I settled on 232.0 ya for me. But we'll see what it is tomorrow as I am fasting today and weighed my self about 1:30pm on a very empty stomach. So I'm guessing it won't be that low for tomorrow, but we'll see. I'll take it for now, even if it's just for a day.
My hubby is on days off starting tomorrow, but came home early sick today. I hope he feels better really fast. I need him in regular mode not sick mode for his days off. Plus I am hoping to go visit a friend that just had a baby (girl) last Tuesday. She's only 2.5h away and I'd love to see such a new little bubie. I'm so scarred I'll never have that again, and I don't know many people that are having kids that I could hijack and enjoy a cuddle or two.
And on another note...I turn 35 in 3months from today. YIKES! I remember in Sept (07) I had made a goal to run a marathon on my 35th b-day but then shortly after found out about my 2 herniated disks and that was out of the question. I feel so great about starting running again, but need to take it really slow. Maybe I'll look for a 5k around here....

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