Sunday, March 9, 2008

I think I need to change the Day my Week Starts

So I've noticed ever since I switched to Monday being my new start day...I slack off pretty bad come the weekend. I self talk myself by saying that it's only 2 (1) more days till I start a new week. I feel like I can be easy and not track as I'm starting a new week so soon. But we all know this rationalization doesn't work. When I started Tues was my start date and it seemed to work well. But if I switch I think I'll switch to Wed. right in the middle...but those 2 days till I get to my new start date might be kinda crazy!

I also had another mishap with some chocolate today. I think TOM is around the corner, and also just stress in general is taking it's toll. My 3 year old has been an absolute BEAR this past week. That stresses me out. I also am on pins and needles re: this whole baby thing. I hope something happens this coming week.

Anyways...I know I need to get back on track as I am so close to the 20's; I really don't want to start going in the wrong direction!

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