Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So these are some thoughts i've been having.

*When I start working out, feeling great, I think I am look'n good, I feel like i'm slimmer than I am. Then I get a glimps in the mirror and YIKES. I get disheartened to see that I am the same. Which really should be no big surprize as i've only lost a minimal amount of weight so far. And lets face it, I do weigh 250lbs. No matter how tall I am, I can't 'carry that well'. I have to constantly remind myself that it will take a while, probably a good year + to get to goal (170's). That after 1-2 weeks of working out I am not instantly going to have a ripped, hot body.

*I love chocolate, I can not live with out chocolate. So I will need to learn to 'pace' myself with this delectable treat.

*It's hard being a SAHM.


Just me said...

Girl you can so do this!! We both will do this!! I am so proud of you for going to the gym!! I will admit I am so lazy and don't work out but I must say your making me want to get back in the gym. I need to feel better and I really did love how going to the gym made me feel. Not to mention how well I slept back then!!
Hugs and hang in there!!!

Theresa said...

I'm always surprised when I don't look like Cindy Crawford after two weeks of dieting. Hang in there. You're obviously dedicated! (Sorry, I guess I'm a lurker - I wandered across your blog today)