Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mean Scale...

Eating treats while watching the Biggest Loser is like.... I don't know.. it's just bad! I don't know why but last night I was just craving a treat so bad. I tried to combat it with a bowl of mini-wheat cereal.. but it didn't work, so off to my baking stash I go.. skor bits and chocolate chips. It did totally hit the spot, but still, why do we have such strong cravings? Anyways I didn't dwell on it, just moved on.

On another note, my scale likes to play tricks on me... once in a while I get on it and am like "Holy Crap"!! like a couple weeks ago when it was 251. I mean I would love to believe it, but you know how you can just "tell" when it's not your true weight. The next time it did that, I got off and re-positioned it and it went back to "normal" 254-255 range. Weird. So this morning I hop on it, and what do I see? 250.0, 249.8, 250.4... ummm I'd love to be that, but I can tell in my body I'm not. + I doubt I drooped 4lbs in one day. So I re-position the scale, wipe the "feet" with my finger and hop back on... 254.4, 254.6. 255... Why would it tease me like that in the beginning? Mean scale.

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