Monday, January 18, 2010

Friends are Fabulous!

So this past Saturday I have a very dear friend of mine come visit. She lives& works in Africa... sooo I don't see her to often. She gets home 2x a year. Home for her is actually 5h drive from me but she made that drive and came to visit me! She's one of those friends that you can go how ever long with out talking/seeing and then when you do see them, it's like you've never spent a day apart. I love her like she was sister. It was so good to see her and just have some girlfriend time!

Ok so I know that had nothing to do with weight loss, but just had to share. On to weight loss stuff...

I road my bike at home for 16min. I find it way easier with shoes on. Not sure why I thought it would be good to go shoe-less in the first place. I also hit the gym today. Hubby's on days off so I was able to go kid-less which is nice. Even though they go in the child care it was nice not to have to deal with the drop off/pick up thing. I did 45min walking on the treadmill (but at a level that made me sweat and have a target heart rate) and then I did 15min of various upper body weights. Felt pretty good if I do say so! I have plans to hit the gym again tomorrow. Love it!

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