Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tales from the Scale

So my scale has been doing funny things... remember a little while ago I said how sometimes I'd get on the scale and it would be down, and then I'd adjust it and it would be up again. Well this morning I got on and what did I see? 247.4, I was like "Wow!" so double checking, tired again, again 247.4lbs! Adjust the scale and it was still 247.4. I am a little unsure about accepting this weight. Right after I had breakfast (a bowl of cereal) I weighed again, 250.6... hmmm don't think I age 3lbs of cereal. what ever. After I worked out (hard, sweaty HIIT work out) I weighed 249.0 so that is the weight I am going with today.
So I know what you are thinking.. "GIRL STOP WEIGHING YOUR SELF 5MILLION TIMES A DAY!!!" ha ha I know, I know better, but it was that low # this morning that threw me off, I kept having to check if it was "real". I'll know better tomorrow morning.
Thank you for not chastising me. XOXO

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