Friday, January 15, 2010

It's all Coming Back to Me...

What you ask... several things;

1) that the week after my period is the prime week for me to drop poundage. That's why this week the #'s are very much in my favor, after this week, the next three, it's not so easy/fast.

2) that good, wholesome, pure food really does taste amazing and better than anything processed. I find I am naturally gravitating toward food in it's simplest form. For breakfast I made a big fruit salad (oranges, grapefruits, banana's, strawberries) the kids and I loved it. We had some yogurt with it too! My favorite lunch right now is a pita pizza. You take a whole wheat pita, spread a little BBQ sauce on the bottom, add thin sliced peppers, onions, yesterday I then added some frozen shrimp pieces I had and top with lf mozzarella cheese, cook under the broiler for about 5min, sooo Good!!!!

3) it feels amazing to exercise and move your body. It feels great for your body and for your mind. It's very therapeutic. VERY.

4) I think I am doing better by not setting any goals.. for now. I feel less pressure. I'm just doing the right thing day by day. I am having little nibbles of 'favorites' (chocolate) and am satisfied with the few bites I get, and I have no guilt about it. I'm very much and all or nothing girl when it comes to weight loss and I think that's where I've had problems before. I'd get so frustrated and mad at my self for not staying 100% on plan, I'd get in a downward cycle.

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