Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 13 of 30

and only 2 more days of my 'yeast detox' so then I can add fruit back in to my diet. I'm really starting to miss it!! Hubby made the kids Mac+Cheese today for lunch and I was tempted, it smelt quite yummy. I have found if I am starving I am more likely to cheat ( but I have NOT cheated at all!). I think I am going to weight in on wed. Originally I wasn't going to weight till the 30 days but I now decided I need a 1/2 way check if things aren't moving working I can re-evaluate and not loose a whole month. + it will be 2 days after TOM and that is usually when I am pretty 'lite'.
I have not been tracking my calories.. I figure i'm pretty safe with how i'm eating but another reason I need to check in with the scale, to see if I need to get back to counting calories.

Did I check back in after my first couple work outs with my Gymboss? Can't recall, but I do want to say I LOVE it! Friday I just worked out at home, I did the bike 4min of 10rest/20hard second intervals, then did some squat/jumping jack intervals and some modified mountain climber and wall push up intervals, all in all about 30min that felt like 10min, lots of sweat and a feeling of accomplishment!!

During it I had the thought that I should be making a "true" mom work out video. I was using my bike beside our spare bed piled to the roof with clean clothes, did jumping jacks in the toy area, dodging lego bits on the floor, mountain climbers on the stair with my 2 year old crawling all around me and the stairs, trying to mimic me, and push ups on the wall, straddling a garbage bag of hand me downs yet to be sorted. A TRUE stay at home mom work out if I do say so my self!

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