Monday, May 24, 2010


So found out that a goal trip I was aiming for (end of Nov to black fri shopping in Great Falls MT.) has been changed to a Vegas trip in Sept/Oct!! I'm quite excited but now I got to kick it in to high gear. My goal was to be 195lbs for this trip and then to SHOP SHOP SHOP for a whole new wardrobe. But now 'cause things have been moved up 2months I really got to kick it in to gear. I think it's doable, maybe more a 199 but it means no slacking off time.

The trip is with my mother in law and my 3 sister in laws. Last year they went to Great Falls and saw a play and did some shopping. My hubby couldn't get the time off for me to go, so this year for sure! I think it will be such a blast! and hopefully Vegas is still HOT HOT HOT by then.

I did really well those 2 weeks I was doing my yeast detox so I am reverting mostly back to that eating for the next week.

So no:
  • fruit
  • natural sweeteners (honey, agave)
  • butter (my big weekness)

not alot of no's but i'm still eating very 'clean' so not alot I can take out. So I will be eating lots of veggies, lean meats, brown rice, coconut oil, olive oil, beans, fish ect.

I am sooo close (well 10lbs) from being where I was when I 'dieted' before and I so want to surpass there, all this work/loosing right now feels like "been there, done that" as I"ve seen all these #'s before (3 years ago) and it's more frustration that I let myself gain it all back (and then some). So once I hit the teen's (217 to be exact) I will be in 'new territory'. Also then I will be sooo close to getting out of OBESE and in to OVERWEIGHT which will be a huge mental milestone!! (214 is that magic #)

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