Wednesday, May 5, 2010


7lbs in 2 weeks... I am beyond excited!!!!! I finally decided to weigh my self this morning, after getting hubby to hide the scale for 30 days, but after 2 weeks I decided I needed to 'check in' and am soooo happy to see things are working. It gives me a new boost to keep going.
So what am I doing you ask?

1) Eating Clean. you can google this but basically not eating processed foods, white flour, SUGAR, trans + sat. fats. Eating good food in it's natural state.

2)Yeast Cleanse. taking herbal supplements and staying away from all yeast made/producing foods ie. bread, cheese, soy sauce, fruit, sugar, mushrooms...

3)Drinking my water

4)Exercising. aprox 4-5X a week cardio type stuff for 40-50min. I really like doing Tabata with my new gymboss.

So that's the scoop. I also want to note that I purposely put exercise last. In reading The Eating Clean Book, I've learned that diet is 80% of the weight loss equation, 10% is genetics and 10% is exercise. It makes sense to me. Really it's alot easier to eat 500 less calories a day (skip the muffin and juice) than it is to burn 500 calories. Well in my case it is. We're all different.
So i've decided I needed to be more vigilant about my diet, and not stress about the exercise as much. I have always really enjoyed exercise so it has never been a big deal to get to the gym. But now it's that much more enjoyable because I don't "have" to do it.
So that's what's working for me right now. Today is actually my last day of the yeast cleanse to starting tomorrow I will add fruit (2-3 servings) in to my menu. Yum!!

OH and how could I forget.. i'm HALF WAY to goal!!!

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