Saturday, May 22, 2010


So I decided to take a pic of my fridge for you all. I know weird, but hey I was bored. I thought a fridge gives a good snap-shot of life at that person's house.

So some key notes:

  • you'll find my hubby's diabetic meds. he's type one so we have to deal with that. Which really isn't a big deal. but in the back of my mind it scares me that our time may be shortened because of this disease.

  • Left overs from last night. I made 2 meals. One for the fam. one for me. They had noodles with homemade cheese sauce, veggies and ham. Me, I had homemade butternut squash soup. One of my faves!!

  • A salad for a BBQ we are going to tonight. I made a 'clean' greek salad with fresh oregano from my garden!! (I'm quite pumped about this). I am so excited I don't have to cook dinner tonight!

  • My homemade yogurt which I love love love. It is so easy, CRAZY easy and give me such satisfaction to make my own. + I save so much $$. (.78cents compared to $2.89)

  • Tiny mozzarella balls. They are b.. .something, I made a tomato, fresh basil, olive oil, mozz. cheese salad for lunch today, yum!!!

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