Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Measurments -1 Month

Bust- no change
Waist- down 1"
hips- down 1.25"
thigh- down 1"
bicep- down 1"

Wow! I'm very happy with the results. I kind of find it intriguing that I am loosing so 'evenly' lol. Does this happen with everyone? hmmmm

Well off to the gym, my gymboss timer finally arrived yesterday and I am quite excited to try it. You can set 2 times, example. Run 1min *beep* walk 2min *beep* run 1min. ext. or for doing Tabata training where you go hard and do as many reps of an exercise for 20 sec. and rest for 10 sec. and do this for 8 intervals = a crazy good 4min work out!! I'll post how it goes!

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