Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nothing like...

picking up your daughter from pre-school, and we you get home your husband points out your HUGE sweat stain on your crotch that looks like you totally peeed your self. The joys of working out.

Oh and by the way yesterday I started a 30 day challenge for myself. 30 days of "Clean Eating" I totally love the concept of cleaning eating. The first 14 days i am also doing a Yeast cleanse as well. I've had a problem with yeast for a year or 2 and am finally brave enough to do something about it (besides masking it with antibiotics). So no fruit either for 14 days. That will be a challenge. I know i'll go thru sugar/sweetness withdrawals, and I hope for my husbands sake, it's not too ugly!!

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Lindsay said...

Congrats on you weight loss! And I love the "peed your crotch"! Good luck on your 30 days of clean eating you can do it!!!!