Friday, April 9, 2010

Things Seem to Be Working...

I think I have found that delicate area that is working for me. I don't seem to be fluctuating as much and can see I'm down a few "point somethings" each day which is encouraging. I eat between 1600-1700 cal a day and do aprox 45min of cardio 4-5 days week burning 400-650 cals each session, depending on what I'm doing. These days I do these for cardio:

1)Treadmill at about 6 incline and 3.2mph (basically hill walking)
2)HITT on the tread mil; 3 incline, walk speed 3 mph, run speed 6.5mph, doing 1min run, 2min walk (or until my hr recovers)
3)Stationary biking with a level of at least 10
4)I was doing spin classes but found it too hard on my back and the seats were just TOO uncomfortable. but I loved the work out!

I'm feeling great, and am almost half way to my 1st goal (195 wedding weight). Hubby even noticed the other day when I was dressed going to the gym, he was like "you are looking good!" and noted that he is really starting to see a difference! Whoot whoot!

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Colette said...

Hey lara just checking on you. Glad to see your seeing results. Keep up the good work. I am still at 208..... I just want to be under 200 for my cruise on May 22nd...
I know I will gain then, it's a given!!