Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday's post

So I made some yummy bread yesterday; whole wheat with flax seed meal, flax seeds and wheat germ. I"m going to have to find a recipe builder online to attempt to find point values for my bread, as I'd really like keep baking bread. Hubby and I are going out to diner tonight to use up a gift certificate we got for Christmas. I figure use it up before it burns a whole in my gut and then I don't' have to use it when I get back on track, as that is when I usually fail. When I get get off track a tiny bit I end up falling off largely.

I keep trying to think of things or treats or presents that will keep me going. Which you know thinking about it the motivation should just come from pure desire to live a healthier, fitter life. But it does seem to help to have something to work towards. I am contemplating giving someone (prob. my MIL) a 'chunk' of $$ (enough that would be uncomfortable if I did not get it back) and ask her to keep it and if by ?? (probably July for a family reunion with them) I don't weight ??? (prob. 210lbs) then she can keep the $$. I have plans for a fall vacation with the $$ so If I don't 'win' it back then I'd be out of luck on my trip as well... and I'd be a tiny bit OK with them keeping the $$ if I didn't reach goal.

But I haven't officially decided on this yet... I just keep 'thinking' about everything. I also noticed that they finally have another WW meeting option here. It was that there was only one; Thursday at 5:15pm. Now there is a Thursday 12noon. Which is better... but still tricky with 3 little ones. I know I probably wouldn't get much from the meeting because I'd be trying to contain my monkeys. Hubby is never home in time to ensure i could get to the evening meeting. So probably just doing it on the blog then.

OK so off to start my Saturday... the usual; cleaning, laundry, meals etc. My life is sooooo monotonous!!


Colette said...

Great Idea!! Me and 2 other women put up $50.00 and who ever loses 30 lbs first gets the money to buy new clothes or whatever!! Unfortunately I have lost like 1 pound due to the holidays. :(

Oh well tomorrow is a new day!!

Natalie said...

sounds like a plan to me! $$ is a great motivator! be careful to set your goal as do-able. like one pound per week or so.

Colette said...

YO....Give us a hollar and let us know your still alive!!

MJ said...

I bribe myself all the time :) In fact I've devised an entire point system to reward myself - not for losing weight, but rather for eating right, doing the exercise I need, and doing some of the other important things in life (like reading, practicing piano, etc)

Feel free to steal :) if it works for you!