Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting there

So each day I think more and more (and more ++ too) about getting serious about getting back on the wagon. I watched Oprah's show the other day and her talking about how she fell off the wagon in 2008. and it doesn't make me feel as bad. If a woman who has the world at her finger tips can't keep the weight off, or falls off the wagon, than it isn't as simple as we'd like to think sometimes. I also really relate to her theory about it's not a 'weight' issue but other issues that surface as a weight issue. I think for me that certainly can be the case.

I also watch Biggest Lose last night (yes, I do like my telly'vision) and of course find that somewhat motivating. I like how they are sending the partners home to do it at home, to PROVE to us, at home, on our couch that it is doable at home, if the desire is there.

So there is really nothing but myself standing in the way of me reaching goal in 2009. I have to admit it feels better to 'only' have to loose 66lbs as oppose to the 90 I had to lose when I started on this journey in 2007 (YES 2007)...

So I'll let everyone know when I am officially on the wagon. Right now I'd say I am following the wagon... contemplating when to make that leap on board.


Natalie said...

oh, i love my tv too!

now get on that wagon and lets help each other not to fall off of it! ugh.

Colette said...

ummm since we are such good friends Lara I will tell you what I will do. I will hijack that wagon, take control and slow it down so jumping back on will be a breeze for ya!! LOL
Hey what are friends for right??

You CAN do this... 66 lbs is nothing. Besides You have Nothing to Lose right???????