Monday, January 5, 2009

Step 1...

I ate oatmeal for breakfast; 1/4 dry with vanilla, 1tbs low cal. syrup and about 1/2 a banana. and it tasted pretty good. I also drank my first large cup of water in an embarrassing long amount of time. (seriously months!!) Funny think is about an hour later I was tiding up and I got really weak/dizzy/light headed and had the shakes. Almost like I was going thru high sugar/high carb withdrawal!! Weird. so I ate some cashews.. then some mini eggs 'cause hubby just bought some bags 'cause they were on sale (forgot to mention I am *trying* to be good.)

Baby steps though. I was reading Colette's blog and it took her about a week to fully get back in to things, as I think it might with me. We don't have a ton of 'non healthy' things in the house (well some minieggs) but just have to veer away from high carb choices. And really start drinking water.

Also another problem I foresee is that I got a Bosch for Christmas from my hubby and I LOVE to bake and now with this new unit I can whip any and everything up effortlessly. but most baking items are not the best for you. I guess I can search out healthy grain breads... but what's the fun in that???

Oh and I am down a little, but these days I know I am fluxing lots due to random eating...

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Colette said...

Here are a couple of sites I use. The first one is recipes for Core foods. I also did a rearch of "Core recipes" on google and got millions of them! Try searching and you will find many more.
The second one is the Core list of allowed food by brand and it tells you the limitations. It's not hard. just eat til you are satisfied.
Lastly I have posted the link for the WW boards I use alot. WW changed the Core and Flex program last month to Momentum (flex) and Filling Foods (Core). Use the boards to ask questions or learn about different topics. They are Free!! Also you can always email me at and I will be glad to help you anyway I can!! You can do day at a time!!