Saturday, January 3, 2009


So I weigh'd in this morning... not pretty... not pretty AT ALL. But I have no one to blame but myself so no point making a big deal out of it...


Jan 1st, 2008 I was 249.8... so still down...barely!!

Thank you for the comments... It almost brought tears to my eye's to see that I had several comments so quickly, that in it's self made me feel good. Thank you.

As for Colette... the sad thing is my inital reaction was food. I love food more right now. THAT'S a problem!!

MJ & Candice... thank you so much for your comments! I liked the quote... I'm big on quotes.. maybe I should write it out and put it on my mirror or something.


Colette said...

Yes, I love Matt Hoovers quote too!! He was a huge inspiration to me when he was on the Biggest Loser!!
Lara.. you are going to do this one day at a time. I will be right here with you! I got back on the wagon this week and really stuck to plan and guess what? 3.5 gone baby!!
You made the biggest step today.. you got on the scale. Least you didn't wait til you had put 10 or 20 more pounds on!! Good for you!!!
Just remember one day at a time, mix up some exercise routines, try some new recipes just do what it takes to keep yourself motivated. Even if it's just to get online and blog about how your feeling. You will find you are not ALONE!!

Michelle said...

What matters is that you are not giving up. Had you given up you would weigh more this year than last. Keep on keeping on! Happy new year!