Sunday, November 15, 2009


It's been a while... a LOOOOOOOONG while. And guess what!!! I'm fat, again. Why do we do this to ourselves? It makes no sense, but alas, I have done it. This past year has been a love fest with McDonald's, chocolate and my couch. As I look over my previous weights, I think, girl, you were getting there, you were getting close.. what happened.

The point where I gave up was in the summer of 2008, I planned to run a 5km at hubby's family reunion in July. I had been running way more than 5k in the gym, on the treadmill. When it came to the race, I blew. I had to walk probably 70% of it and I was so dis-heartened. I felt like a complete failure. I thought after all my work and I can't even run a stupid 5k outside, screw it. We went camping for the next 2 weeks, and I started to let my diet slide.. and well I'm kinda an all or nothing girl and once I was on that downward spiral, I was too scared to jump off.

I would get on the scale periodical over the past 16m and always thought, and If I was under my ultimate high (265), then I wouldn't worry. Well recently the scale started venturing in to the unknown.. I started seeing 266, 267, and even, gulp. 268lbs.

I was able to lose 5lbs before our anniversary cruise the 1st of November, but of course put it back on, on the cruise, but I really think alot of it was water weight as I was so swollen and puffy from the air travel.

We got back last Monday, and on Tuesday I stared doing a herbal detox/cleanse to kick start my journey (again~!!) It's a complete 180 from my previous eating habits. Basically no dairy, no flours. You eat healthy proteins, beans, veggies of all kinds, fruit (no tropical), healthy oils and lots and lots of water (I am embarrassed to say how little water I have drank this past year).
So in the past week I've lost almost 9lbs!!! Which I know is alot of water, but feels good to get ride of all the same, and it's got me out of the 60's which is great to see.

so, that's where things are at. After the cleanse (ends on next Sunday) I might do a yeast cleanse as I've had a problem with that this past year, probably because of the copious amounts of sugar I've eaten. I will then settle out in to weight watchers; that program has always worked the best for me! I might even give core a try as it's basically how I'm eating now!

see you soon!

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Just me said...

Wooohoooo ! Way to go Laura!! I am so glad to see you back in blog land. I need some motivation BIG TIME!!
I am doing ok, still at 205 to 208 but just not losing. I will say I have lost alot of my will power but I am holding on by my finger nails now.....just refusing to slip and give up completely!!
So the fight goes on!!
I don't completely understand why I eat the way I do and I am sure it's something deep inside of me that I have not worked "through" as they say so I will have to keep doing some soul searching. I am doing core too but eating way to much of it and I have spurts of sugar binges!!! :(
We will get there....just got to take it one day at a time.