Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So I have been trying to get my eating figured out. I was not eating bad, but not tracking/counting ect and that wasn't working for me anymore (stopped losing, but not gaining either) I have been very consistent with my workouts ect. so I thought

"Lady this is crazy, for how hard you are working out at the gym, you are just wasteing it by not being more vigilant with your eating!"

So I joined Sparkspeople. I have decided to track calories, instead of WW points... I quite like the site, I also really like entering everything ect. I entered everything for yesterday and was kinda surprised when I reached my total, I would have probably eating another 500 calories easily, and that's why I stopped loosing.
So here's hopping to the scale starting to go down again! I feel like I've lost almost a month of weight loss just being in limbo. I guess the + is that I've kept up with my gym work outs so getting fitter.

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