Thursday, February 18, 2010


That's how many steps i'm at so far.. and it's only 1:30pm! I had an amazing 2h work out today at the gym. Mostly because my daughters pre-school had a Field trip to the gym so I didn't' have to waist time driving to school/drive to the gym, get the kids in child care (home with Dad today) ect. (I even had a peaceful shower there too!) I figured I burned around 800-1000 calories!!

Treadmill sprints 30min=400cal
Bike 20min=200cal
Walking track 20min=134cal
weight training 15min=100-200??

and I have to say I cam home and had a huge BBQ steak for lunch. It was soooo good. Almost orgasmic good, as much as a steak could be! Maybe it tasted so good because I was so hungry, lol! I feel good that I ate it for lunch too, not dinner so it didn't sit there!

My weight isn't moving much, but really only been tracking my food for 2 days so I should give it some time eh?

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