Monday, February 1, 2010

Blah Blah Blah...

That is how I feel. No motivation, I just want to sleep, blah blah blah. When did this wash over me? I hate it! I am hoping it's just PMS, but still, it's hard to function when you feel like this! I have not exercised since Friday. I know I NEED to go today but uhg. And of course my weight is up a pound or 2. And have I drank hardly a cup of water in the past 48hours, I think not. Yesterday I skipped breakfast, had peanut butter cookies for lunch and then had a huge supper. Not they way to do things!!!
Wish me luck on getting back in the the "mode"

so I MADE myself do something, I rode my bike at home for 25min. I have to admit it did feel good, but hasn't totally washed away the blahs.... but it helped!

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