Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No Excuses

So I'm at the gym today, peddling up a storm, feeling so tired and blah and just want to quit. I had done 20min on the treadmill and done about 4 sprint sessions and I just had to get off, no energy (I was aiming for 30min)So I thought I'd get on the bike for 10min.

So I'm there, on the bike, feeling frustrated that I'm there, and that I'm tired.. and I watch these 3 men come in to the gym. One you can tell is a phyiso therapist guy(there's an office at the gym) and another guy? and then the guy they were there to help. He was not walking but shuffling in. You could just feel his pain. I think it was a leg/knee maybe back issue? The go to the lat-pull down machine. (basically you sit down and pull the bar down to your chest). He attempted to sit down. He couldn't even do this. You could just feel his pain. They tried having him sit turned around (so his knee's wouldn't have to fit under the pads. No go. They tried having him stand and do it. No go. So off they shuffle, out of the gym.

I'm thinking that man would give anything to be able to just walk upright and in to a gym. To be able to perform basic body movements. I don't know his story, I'm guessing and accident of some type. I bet he has felt at some point what he would give to have his 'old' body back. We need to realize how blessed we are that we have able, healthy bodies. Yes I am carring around about 80-90lbs of EXTRA fat, but I can still move, I have NO EXCUSES not go move my body. NO EXCUSES.


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Colette said...

Well said girl!! Your 100% right.