Thursday, June 3, 2010


Well I have officially survived another year... celebrated my "late 30's b-day yesterday" uhg. My goal is to be a very fit, hott 40 year old. I still have 3 years, but it's probably gonna take all that time to get there :)

So did I cheat on my birthday you bet I DIDN'T. The family went to Dairy Queen for dessert, and I brought a bowl of cherries from home. and you know what? I didn't even miss having ice cream/chocolate, not one little bit. I had lobster for dinner..yummmmmmm I guess the cheat I had for the day was the butter I dipped my lobster in, but I still consider it clean, just not a healthy daily choice.

I also went for a massage and peddy yesterday. The masseuse really worked me over, I actually feel sore today. I even got a work out in yesterday too.

So my weight is still flexing around 226 to 228. I have had 2 days of not the best water drinking, do weights, snacking at night (on fruit) finishing my cycle.. so all these add up to some expected fluctuating in my number, so I'm not so concerned.

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Colette said...

Our Cruise was GREAT!! Lots of fun, shopping, drinking and Cozumel and Progresso was amazing!!
Well sad to say when I got home I was 224 lbs! I only gained 4 lbs on the cruise, gained more prior to getting on the cruise. I guess I figured I was in cruise mode already so why diet?
I have been reading all your blog entries and just wanted to say "Keep up the good work". You are doing so well. I decided after reading your blog that I better get my ass in gear here and get back on my diet. I googled the clean diet and it is basically like Core. Which I think is excellent. I have decided to try to do a combo of core and keep my caloric intake under 1200 calories a day.I am on day 2 and I am struggling to stay on plan!! Well I will keep reading you for inspiration!!! You really are doing so good.
Have a great weekend!!