Thursday, July 1, 2010

50lbs lost, and no plans to find them, EVER!

So I am pretty sure I hit my 50lbs mark this morning.. I say pretty sure because my scale jumps all over the place, drives me nuts! but I'll go with it.
So this is the lowest i've weighed in probably 7years. and the first time i've hit the 50lb mark, so kinda excited! Next big # is 214 'cause then i'm out of the stupid 'obese' range for BMI, even thought I know i should not put any clout in BMI's but it still bugs me.

My hubby is away right now with the kids, and i'm enjoying a much needed break. Though I do have some guilt/hesitation with it, but still very much enjoying it. I did a really great work out yesterday, but also learned a lesson. I NEED to be drinking more water. My hammies ceased up on me and almost made me fall to the ground. I drank about 1/2 my water bottle and they got better. I had not drank any water that morning and did a hard cardio work out just prior. So lesson learned.

I'm almost finding it hard to eat all my calories and drink all my water (min 2L a day) I don't know how people are hungry if they are eating nutrient rich foods and drinking all the water they should. I feel like I am constantly full and have to force my self to eat and drink, lol!

I bought a new work out outfit yesterday. A yellow Adidas dry t-shirt (bright yellow!) and some black stretchy Capri's. I am feeling more confident to wear fitted stuff to the gym and frankly my old work out shorts were too big, starting to look sloppy! I also bought a new sports bra as the girls were getting away from me during working out. It's the only time in my life I feel it a pain to be large busted (36D) so today they are double bagged, lol. A under wire sports bra + a tank style sports bra. We'll see if they can calm down a bit today :)

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