Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time to Check In

So the summer is winding down, and I guess i've been slacking on the posting! Glad to say that I have not let up on my fitness/health goals. I've had a few week moments but I embarrassed them and took them as a well deserved break.

I'm at 210 right now, and have been for 2 weeks. I reeeeeally want to break the 210, 208 would bring me to 60lbs lost, and then of course to break the 200's!!! Which really is only 10 (11) lbs away.. I"m hoping to reach this by Canadian thanksgiving (Oct 11th).

I've been hitting the gym 4-6X a week, alternating between lower and upper body weight routines and cardio, alternating between HITT and long slow runs. I'm starting to see some definition in my arms, but it's very slight, still lots of fat there. I'm going to get hubby to do picks on sat. I haven't done in a long time... and I know it's important, I just to get around to doing it!

Some NSV (non-scale victories) i've had this summer:
  • I have to do my ipod band up tighter these days
  • jeans I bought a month ago (size 16) which were very snug, now go on with ease
  • I shop in regular size stores now
  • I have a HUGE piles of clothes I need to drop off to charity
  • I didn't have to wiggle in to the plastic outside chairs at my MIL's this summer (it was a tight fit last summer)
  • my 'travel' wedding band (had to stop wearing my regular set in Jan) is now getting loose, soon I won't have any rings to wear :( will get them all sized when i'm at goal)
  • I'm almost 100lbs lighter than my husband (who's 6'8" 305lbs) we've been as close as 30lbs apart before

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