Saturday, March 13, 2010

Check'n In

Just because my blog has slowed down doesn't mean I have... I'm still tracking daily with Spark People and I exercise 4-5 days a week, aprox 40-50min and burn 500-700 calories each time! I love tracking my exercise!
I'm seeing tiny shifts on the scale, I think i've just come to terms that I am a slow looser... I've seen 243.4 but it's gone back up to the 244's.. I think I stop eating after supper than I can see the 243's again.
I did my first spin class last week and loved it! It's quite the work out though. My legs/back couldn't handle much of the standing but that will come as I get lighter and stronger. The hour long class went by pretty fast cause you are so focused on just staying alive, lol! I hope to do more because I'm getting kinda bored just doing the treadmill and stationary bike at the gym.

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